Claycomb's Tree Service has been providing residential and commercial services in the Louisville, KY area since 1986.


TREE & STUMP REMOVAL When there is a need to remove a tree or several, we will take care of the job needed and we also provide stump removal at anytime.


TREE TRIMMING Each year you should inspect your current trees to see if it is time to trim. Trimming will provide better growth and health to the trees.


TREE PRESIVRATION Inspection needs to be done to see what measures are best for your tree. Call on us to schedule an appointment and will discuss your situation with your trees.


DEADWOODING Removal of dead wood is essential to your trees. Also the removal of dead wood can stop future damage to the tree and your property.



CRANE & BUCKET TRUCKS We have the large equipment needed to do the job no matter what size it is. Call on us, we are here to provide top service when you need it most.



Claycomb's Tree Service is now offering residential and commercial landscaping service. We can add exciting elements to your property by developing a design that works year around. Become part of the new trend of open design landscaping, it can make a big different and also increase the value of your property. Call on us to bring your property to life and enjoy it for years to come.

BEFORE You can see that this home is like most in our area. The landscaping is traditional and looked good but had no eye catching appeal.

AFTER Now with open design and plants that will bring color and change at different times, this design is inviting and enjoyable for years to come.

TIP: You may want an ornamental tree to add to your landscape. Remember not to plant it too close to your home. Many homeowners place ornamental tree too close to the home and after years of growth it can create problems.

Plant trees with a few things in mind for the future. What size will this become in 5 or 10 years from now? What type of root system does this tree have? Many homeowners learn that a root of a tree has damaged the sewer lines and expenses can add up fast.

Call us and we will assist you on the choice and location of trees and other plants.



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